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Personal Information (PI) covers almost any information about living people (or organisations) including; factual, historical, identifiable and philosophical.

You submit a formal request to them detailing what you want to know. You can write your own request or download an official

Every company should have an easily identifiable Information Officer (IO). If they don’t,
that’s also a problem you should note.

They are ALWAYS the most senior person in a business but they can delegate the responsibility to others. Their function is to ensure your PI is kept safe and used

This should be available on their website and/or on their privacy statement. If you can’t easily find this, call them and ask for the details. They HAVE to tell you.

Usually no, but they can charge a reasonable fee. This must be disclosed to you BEFORE the request is processed.

They should be able to give you a complete answer within 30 days. If they can’t that illustrates how disorganized their data might be.

They are established to oversee proper use of Information under both POPI and PAIA.
They are the ultimate authority and you can complain directly to them

They have to demonstrate they have your consent, so yes they are required.

Usually perfectly legally; you may have given it to them directly, indirectly by ticking/not
ticking a T&C box etc, or by posting information in the public domain. Be careful what
information you share.

You can formally request this as long as there is no legal reason that permits them. You
can find an objection

You have to confirm that it is YOUR information in the first place. They have to keep it
safe remember?