Virgin Active…..OMG!

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Virgin Active…..OMG!

Just had a ridiculous experience, was on the phone for 1 HOUR to try and update my details! My ID was incorrect even though I took it into the gym months ago to correct it! they were even using an email address from 2018!!! No wonder I never got told about their massive data breach!

I thought POPI was meant to protect me and my information ???

andrewneil1973 Posted new comment November 9, 2022

Hi HelloPOPI, just wanted to give you an update on this! As a result of my complaints I got a very apologetic email from Virgin Active’s Information Officer, along with 3 FREE months membership for me and my family! WOW!!
It really does work! Thanks HelloPOPI for the help and advice XXXXX


That’s terrible! One of the POPI conditions (#5) concerns Data Quality…

Basically, organisations MUST keep personal information:



Up to date

Looks like Virgin’s database isn’t complying well….

We’ll keep an eye on them!

HelloPopi Administrator Answered question November 2, 2022
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